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Meetup „spiritual practicality“

05.09.2019 | 18:30 - 19:30

Are you struggling with aspects of your work and personal life?

It may be feelings of anxiety, stress, self-doubt or many others or maybe you are just doing fine but have that feeling that things could be better?

You’ve tried changing the circumstances or the people around you and you would love to change the weather as well, that may help for a while but really isn’t sustainable.

You have tried all kinds of techniques and tools others have recommended but sometimes it just makes everything more confusing and complex? (I know how guilty I felt about not spending the 10 minutes with my Mindfulness app!)


I’m inviting you to a series of conversations about all these topics where we will take a fresh look at how our minds and our overall human experience actually works.

As I gained a deeper understanding of the human experience and the nature of our thoughts it became clear that we have a natural ability to balance and thrive. I also gained clarity around how nothing outside can MAKE me feel anything (this may sound controversial, let’s talk a about it!)

My life just started to feel so much nicer! I started having a totally different experience of circumstances and events that I used to experience as stressful or indeed fearful, and most of the drama I used to know just went out of the window.

Work became showing up to do what needs to be done without so much judgement or overthinking and that makes a huge difference!

It’s a conundrum – we function better and have better results as we focus less on ourselves and on the outcome and as we let go of control. Decision making becomes easier and everything appears to fall into place on its own.  And the cool thing is that even when things don’t go our way or when we just feel bad, it’s much easier to get over it and we feel safer despite the negative emotions.

In our discussions, I’d like to understand what aspects of your life you feel you are struggling with and we will just evolve the conversation from there and who knows,  a few pennies may drop and things may just start to shift.

About Orit Eshel:

I’m a certified transformative coach. I work mainly one-on-one online, hold workshops here and there and just starting to work with businesses too. I have a PhD in linguistics and many years of experience with the struggles I mentioned above, and quite a few other ones. Since coming upon the inside-out understanding a couple of years ago, life just gets better and better. While my mind is definitely not a quiet one, it’s much quieter than ever before, I feel at ease in my own skin and enjoy my relationships without drama. Being able to let go of judgement, overanalysing and overthinking is FREEDOM.


18:30 - 19:30