Behind B-Part: Ansgar Oberholz

Ansgar Oberholz

In 2005, Ansgar Oberholz founded St. Oberholz together with Koulla Louca. Today St. Oberholz is an internationally renowned creative hub in Berlin Mitte, which is regarded as a milestone in the history of coworking and one of the epicenters of the Berlin founding scene. Now in 2019, St. Oberholz operates a total of five locations in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Ansgar advises corporations such as Daimler, Deutsche Bahn and Bertelsmann and is considered a veteran of the entrepreneur scene and an expert on the phenomena of new work and digital change. The regional broadcaster for Berlin and Brandenburg “RBB” called him a “guru of the Berlin startup scene”. In January 2019, the weekly magazine “Der Spiegel” found that St. Oberholz had arrived in the mainstream. In the podcast „RedBulls Sparks“ he interviews founders and tries to make their stories tangible. In 2019 he was appointed to the Future Council of the Bundesverband der Sparda-Banken e.V. (Federal Association of Sparda Banks).

“We were allowed to accompany the B-Part Am Gleisdreieck conceptually and contentwise at an early stage. As part of a completely new approach to neighbourhood development, the project quickly captivated me personally. In B-Part, as the second pioneer building of Urbane Mitte Berlin, many concepts such as new work, arts and sports come together. The Urban Ideation Lab, which we helped to shape, awards fellowships and brings together the relevant actors and themes from all disciplines to think about new urbanity. I’m very happy that we’ve been turning all our ideas into reality for a few months now, and I’m more than excited to see what content and projects the B-Part will generate in the coming years. For me, the B-Part is a generous gesture to rethink the city.”