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The Urban Ideation Lab was set up in the B-Part Am Gleisdreieck to develop and discuss ideas and scenarios for the urban quarter of the future. Every six months, curated jobs are awarded to committed people who are professionally dedicated to the core themes of mobility of the future, new work, sport & health, art & culture, as well as a sense of responsibility and digitalization. Following the evaluation of numerous applications, a special committee awarded the first six jobs for the next six months in June 2019. The management team of the Urban Ideation Lab with Albert Kreisel, Amira Sahr and Maximilian Becker is looking forward to working with the first Lab Fellow Team.

Dina Padalkina, Paul Anca, Georg Hubmann and Laura Konieczny from Team Circular Berlin were selected as Lab Fellows. The network has set itself the goal of transforming Berlin into a circular city. They are currently working on two major topics: the circular construction industry and the circular food industry. With their company, they offer a platform for commitment and knowledge transfer. Public events will also take place in the B-Part Am Gleisdreieck on these topics. 

The Lab Fellows of Tetrapix, consisting of Marie-Luise Schade, Bastian Brabec and Denise Sengül, focus on the future generation and teach students how to program. They see digital education in the classroom as part of the necessary digital revolution in schools.

The Lab Fellows Paula Alexander, Anna-Stephanie Gurt and Lara-Marie Nöh of RCKT will also focus their work on tomorrow’s users and will examine the issue of urban mobility with young people. The aim is to give students the opportunity to actively shape their city of the future through discourse.

The Urban Participation Lab with Justus Schuchardt and Oskar Nikolas Lingk will also be there. The young team of urban planners uses interactive methods of participatory stakeholder participation in the development of construction projects. Using geo-targeting and digital survey tools, they carry out detailed location analyses to capture actor constellations and mood images, identify the needs of different user groups and integrate them sustainably into planning processes. They are currently supporting a research project in cooperation with the GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) and the TU Berlin to improve environmental awareness in three Indian cities. In addition, they help the cities of Bremen and Hamburg to achieve more sustainable urban development.

Franziska Sahr, Lab Fellow and Master’s student in the course of studies “Urban Culture, Society and Space”, deals in her thesis with the analysis of participative processes, interim use as well as co-production and their impact on the acceptance of new urban districts. The pioneering project B-Part Am Gleisdreieck itself is one of her concrete research topics. 

Last but not least, the Lab Fellows Nicolas Bourquin and Sven Ehmann from NexTT enrich the Urban Ideation Lab as an informal creative think tank. They use creative visual representations to convey complex interrelationships with the aim of educating our society to act more consciously and sustainably. They sketch not only information, but also solutions and develop prototypes. You are currently working on the relationship between society and data.

The work is already in full swing. We are looking forward to creative and extremely multi-faceted Lab Fellows and exciting synergies in the ideas workshop. There will be monthly events dealing with various aspects of the city of the future. 

The event “Learning from spaces: Flexible use of space as a catalyst for circular business models in the construction industry” starts on August 22, 2019 in cooperation with Circular Berlin.

Further information will follow shortly in the monthly newsletter. In the footer of the B-Part homepage is an input field for subscribing to the newsletter, just click here. So you won’t miss any events and get to know the application deadlines for the next Fellow Team in the Urban Ideation Lab.

Best regards and see you soon in B-Part Am Gleisdreieck

Your Urban Ideation Lab Management Team
Albert Kreisel, Maximilian Becker and Amira Sahr