Interview with Philipp Boy

Known as a former gymnast and ex-Olympic athlete, Philipp Boy now works as a sports ambassador for the city quarter of tomorrow “Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck”. He co-developed B-Part Sports, an outdoor fitness park at B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, which opened this year in January. In this interview, we will discuss the importance of sports in the context of the Urban Mitte Am Gleisdreieck and what possibilities B-Part Sports offers for fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers.

Dear Philipp, how did you become a sports ambassador for the Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck and what is your mission?

The idea was born three years ago when COPRO introduced me to the project Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck. At this point, it was the first time I started to open up again to the topic of sports after my gymnastics career.

Over time the project grew organically and began to address also public spaces for sports activities next to coworking, art and gastronomy within the urban concept. With my professional insights I was asked to make some valuable contribution. As a former professional athlete, I naturally cultivated an active and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I see it as my mission to motivate people to do sports and promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

B-Part Am Gleisdreieck is a cross-generational and lively meeting place. What is the role of B-Part Sports and what is the concept behind the idea? 

Sport has a significant impact on our society’s future viability: Sport promotes integration, is healthy, and to a certain extent education and training. These are all important points. Especially because the project Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck focuses on life and social interaction – sport is an indispensable component.

As we developed B-Part Sports, accessibility to everyone was important to us. Open to the public free of charge, anyone can take on sporting challenges and get active.

A fitness programme for the neighbourhood was announced for B-Part Sports. What exactly is this “Kiezprogramm” and how can interested people participate?

Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck has initiated the “Kiezprogramm.” The idea was created during the development of B-Part Sports, with the mission of bringing the neighbourhood together. The workouts are free of charge and take place twice a month – one course especially for children & teenagers and one for seniors. From movement school to handstand training, competitions, relay races and so on – a diverse mix is offered. The next session for kids, the so called “Kiez-Kidz”, will happen next Saturday (July 25th, 10am – 11am).

Details can be found on the website www.bpartsport.de or the @bpartsports Instagram.

Besides the neighbourhood sports programme of the Urbane Mitte, you have also created your own course plan. What kind of workouts do you offer?

True! I also offer paid courses to motivate and share my experiences. Using different formats, I focus on mobility, strength and endurance training. It is vital for me to provide a varied mix of workouts so that there is a programme for everyone interested in personal development or mobilization.

Any other plans for B-Part Sports?

More courses are in the pipeline. From combat training like boxing and self-defense to running and yoga – everyone should be able to find a fitting activity. If you don’t like to train to the absolute limit of exhaustion, another sports course might be more suitable.

Also, we are planning workshops on the topic of healthy living. As part of the training, we will be offering nutritional advice. A kid’s day with talks and games on healthy nutrition is also planned.

What course from your fitness program would you recommend for beginners?

Beginners could start with the neighbourhood sports programme. Depending on their age, either the youth or senior course could be fitting.

In general, each of my course will be available for beginners and advanced ones: Wakeup Boot Camp, Circle Training, Sixpack Express. The online course plan always indicates the fitness level.

You are a strong supporter of outdoor sports. What advantages do you see compared to training in the gym?

Working out in the open air means freedom and energy. It strengthens the immune system; through the sun the important vitamin D is produced and you breathe in unused oxygen. These are benefits that gyms can’t offer and therefore the reason why it’s so much better to do sports outdoors.

Would you like to share anything else with your community – now is your chance?

Yes, a healthy lifestyle takes time but with all the positives effects, I don’t think this time could be invested in a better way. Just caption this: if you do sports for an hour, you can concentrate three hours longer. That alone speaks for doing sports (laughter).