We have won! B-Part Am Gleisdreieck receives ICONIC AWARD 2020

B-Part opened in March 2019 as a pioneer project on the site where Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck will later take shape and is the blueprint for the urban neighbourhood that is being created there. The innovative overall concept of this pioneer project impressed the jury of experts: They awarded B-Part Am Gleisdreieck in the category “Architecture: Special” with the independent seal of quality of international standing “ICONIC AWARD 2020: Innovative Architecture – Selection”.

As an experimental laboratory B-Part (“be part”) creates an interdisciplinary, open meeting place for interested parties and park visitors by linking coworking space, art studio with free exhibitions in an urban context, multifunctional rooms, events, a café with beer garden and an outdoor sports park. The two-storey wooden building was designed by Scharabi Architekten; the interior design and parts of the interior fittings were created by Supersupply Berlin. The doubly bent structure was built in modular timber construction and, thanks to the wooden façade, the wooden building blends harmoniously into the surroundings and the green park.

Marc F. Kimmich, founder of COPRO and initiator of B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, explains: “B-Part was and still is a matter close to my heart and in its role as a pioneer of Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck, it should become a meeting place for everyone. We faced this challenge and now the doors of B-Part are open since 1.5 years. This project is an extraordinary team effort and is already creating an innovative and urban city space – which has now been awarded.

A temporary timber construction for the urban neighbourhood of the future

Following BRLO Brwhouse, B-Part Am Gleisdreieck is the second pioneer use on the ground of the future Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck to revitalize this vacant space and make it accessible to the public. In cooperation with the Swiss company Renggli, COPRO built B-Part in modular timber construction. “We gained our first experiences in timber construction and it was definitely a little adventure. The prototype has been built and from our point of view it was more than worth it. I am very proud to receive this award and would like to thank everyone involved for this great success,” says Marc F. Kimmich.

The key point of all planning was the later reuse and conversion or relocation of this temporary timber construction (principle of circular economy). The climate-friendly timber construction is made of timber frames, cross laminated timber and an untreated façade in timber panel construction. Compared to a steel and concrete construction, approx. 350t CO2 are being saved. The used wood stores the same amount of CO2 inside.

An award for the interplay of concept and architecture

The ICONIC AWARD was established by the German Design Council, one of the most important centres of expertise in design and architecture. The ICONIC AWARD: Innovative Architecture is the first independent international architecture and design competition to take into account the interplay between the various disciplines. The seven-headed jury made up of representatives of the fields of architecture, interior design, design and brand communications honours visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication in all sectors of architecture, construction and real estate business and manufacturing industries. The focus is on holistic production and interaction between the trades. According to current plans, the award winners will be honoured at the awards ceremony on 5 October 2020 at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich.