Rethinking and remaking of new cities – All Things Urban

Anastasia Sukhoroslova and Regina Schröter: Welcome to the Urban Ideation Lab as new Fellows! The All Things Urban team now gathers the world’s largest urban transformation community on their platform. What used to be urban planning is now a highly dynamic environment in which new professions and competencies are forming so quickly that there are no established terms for them yet – in the midst of and driving the movement: All Things Urban Read more

Urban Ideation Lab designs circular urban neighborhoods

A new form of business could emerge in the viaducts at Park am Gleisdreieck in Berlin. At least, that is the goal of the Urban Ideation Lab (UIL). The UIL Read more

New Fellows Wanted – Become part of the Urban Ideation Lab!

This past year has shown us how diverse the Lab is and how relevant its topics are. Since September 2021, the UIL and its Fellows have first addressed the question Read more

Serial founder and bundle of energy: We welcome Urte Zahn to our Urban Ideation Lab.

Urte Zahn brings movement to B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, more precisely: Stadtbewegung e.V. with free Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes. With the former corporate manager and startup series founder, Friends Read more

Urban Ideation Lab at the Innovation Camp “Repaving”

What does a lively city center need? This question concerns not only residents in a city, but also urban planners and project developers. In keeping with the zeitgeist, the answer Read more

The new Urban Ideation Lab 2021

After a long Corona break, our Urban Ideation Lab was finally able to resume its work in September with great enthusiasm! We are very excited to introduce the 2021 UIL Read more