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B-Part Am Gleisdreieck – Berlins experimental laboratory

Bpart Berlin - Urban Ideation Lab at Gleisdreieck

Take the S-Bahn from Berlin-Mitte district and you’ll arrive at Gleisdreieck. There, you’ll arrive at a very new ‘Urbane Mitte’ – an emerging centre of life and activity. First to appear was the award-winning Gleisdreieck Park, followed by the cult BRLO brewery. In March 2019, with B-Part moved another pioneer use to the Gleisdreieck.

This experimental laboratory offers space for all those who want to discuss and develop solutions for new work, future-viable mobility and urban communities.

The temporary timber frame multifunctional building is a miniature version of what Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck is intended to become: a place for people and companies to grow, develop and be who they want to be. With coworking spaces, a public café, sports facilities, art exhibitions as well as panels and events on an area of around 1,000 sqm, B-Part creates a unique meeting spot for neighbours, locals, entrepreneurs, creatives, sports enthusiasts and culture lovers alike.

The heart of the building is the Urban Ideation Lab, which provides free workspaces to conduct research into future-oriented ideas and solutions for a livable urban neighbourhood of the future.

Following on from the BRLO brewery, B-Part offers another early glimpse of the potential of urban development projects at Gleisdreieck – creating a meaningful and inspiring quarter for neighbours, visitors to the famous park, all the people who will work here one day. After its time at Urbane Mitte, the modular timber building can be relocated to another site.