Be part of the arts.

Culture at B-Part – Art in the community

Bpart Berlin am Gleisdreieck - Be part of the culture.

Based on an open, transdisciplinary approach, art plays a central role in B-Part Am Gleisdreieck. In the classical sense of art, it sharpens perception through unusual perspectives that break with the familiar, and simultaneously picks up new developments and ideas.

Especially in the productive, intellectual, creative and technological working environment, important impulses can be given: Art and culture as companion, as the basis for innovative and future-oriented approaches to solutions and concepts of production with which the demands of the “city of the future” can be discussed and shaped.

Based on an open, multifaceted exhibition format, the programme addresses the zeitgeist and the development of the network and the community and becomes an active component for discourses, ideas and projects. Art and culture, whether as an exhibition, sound installation, work with time-based media, concert or panel discussion, reading or performance, becomes a sort of creative resource within the B-Part.

Through close networking with the local community, relevant topics such as new work, mobility or urban space are to be artistically reacted to, interacted with and synergetic and creative interfaces created through innovative formats.

All dates and informations can be found in the B-Part calendar of events.