Be part of the arts.

Culture at B-Part – Art in the community

Bpart Berlin am Gleisdreieck - Be part of the culture.

One of the roles of contemporary art and culture is to sharpen perception through deviation, stimulation, and unusual perspectives that break away from the self-evident. We also want this in B-Part. The synergies that develop with the different projects going on in the coworking community and the Urban Ideation Lab generate new insights and discoveries that take us further on our journey to the city of the future.

That is why a gallery, two studios, and cultural events are an integral part of B-Part, right from the start. The curatorial concept for the art and culture aspects will actively promote the growth of the local network and community through a range of event formats and become a pivotal axis for discourse, trends, ideas, and projects. An interdisciplinary approach is essential.
As a hub of communication and creativity, B-Part also thrives on art and culture, which constantly evolve and are infused with the energy of the community.

Creative approaches to the changes of our time provide important inspiration, especially for our core concerns of urban mobility, responsibility, and new work. We are looking for artists and creative people who want to get involved in the network and community and develop it further.