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Bpart Berlin am Gleisdreieck - Be part of the urban ideation lab.

The Urban Ideation Lab is the laboratory of tomorrow’s urban quarter. The lab is spatially integrated into the B-Part Coworking Space and uses the same infrastructure. Every six months, free workplaces in the B-Part Am Gleisdreieck are newly assigned to dedicated founders, volunteers and researchers who deal with the core topics of the urban quarter of the future – the Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck: mobility and work of the future, digitalization, sport & health, art & culture and responsibility.

How do we model transport? How do we mobilize sustainable concepts? How will we work in the future? We are seeking new approaches for a future in liveable cities with meaningful work – not only for a global creative elite, but for everyone. Pioneers and visionaries from all professions and walks of life, hand-picked by us, can access the space and network at B-Part Am Gleisdreieck free of charge for six months. In exchange they make their work available, for example, for profiles, presentations, insights, or studies. Also, our Fellows will collaborate on two design sprints and public presentations.

The first lab jobs were allocated by a special committee in June 2019 after the applications had been evaluated. Now six exciting teams and individuals (Lab Fellows) form the Urban Ideation Lab. The Lab Fellows investigate and experiment with future topics that will shape everyday life in the coming years. The imaginative work of the Urban Ideation Lab is supervised by the Lab Management, which consists of Albert Kreisel, Maximilian Becker and Amira Sahr.


Urban Ideation Lab Fellows 2019


The Urban Ideation Lab has worked on numerous panels, workshops and talks with its Fellows and their eclectic ideas over the past six months. Have a look at the B-Part Blog for further information and get a picture of the potential which cooperation can exploit here. Topics such as circular and sustainable building, my data privacy or the development of mobility apps with students were some of the highlights here.

The first Urban Ideation Lab Fellows are:

Circular Economy with Circular Berlin: The network of Circular Berlin has the vision of a Berlin characterized by circular economy. The reuse of resources and raw materials reduces waste and protects the environment. Circular Berlin is backed by Dina Padalkina, Paul Anca, Georg Hubman and Laura Konieczny. As Lab Fellows, they focus their work on the food and construction sectors.

Digital education with Tetrapix: The Tetrapix team, consisting of Marie-Luise Schade, Bastian Brabec and Denise Sengül, teaches pupils* how to code in a playful way. Their vision for the future is to anchor digital education in the school curriculum. An existing partner is, among others, the charitable HOPP Foundation – for computer literacy & informatics”, which want to enable teaching scholarship holders* and teachers* to use digital tools to shape the world in a sustainable way.

Urban mobility with RCKT: The Berlin-based digital consultant service company RCKT started as a spin-off of Rocket Internet and has 60 employees* now. RCKT’s customers include Commerzbank, Deutsche Bahn and the German government. Paula Alexander, Anna-Stephanie Gurt and Lara-Marie Nöh form the RCKT team in the Urban Ideation Lab. Together with students they discuss the topic of urban mobility and give them the opportunity to actively shape their city of the future.

Innovative urban development with Urban Participation Lab: Justus Schuchardt and Oskar Nikolas Lingk bring together urban development projects with digital participation. With local surveys, they offer a knowledge-based basis for the concrete further design of urban development projects. They are currently supporting a research project in collaboration with the GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) and TU Berlin (Technical University in Berlin) to improve environmental awareness in three Indian cities. They also help the cities of Bremen and Hamburg to achieve a more sustainable urban development.

Social research with nexTT: Nicolas Bourquin and Sven Ehmann are the NexTT team. Together with experts* they work on inspiring visual sustainability concepts. As Lab Fellows they investigate the possibilities of a climate-positive urban lifestyle in the neighborhood of B-Part Am Gleisdreieck.

Scientific work with Franziska Sahr: Franziska Sahr, a master’s student, deals with new urban districts in her final thesis. Her master thesis includes the analysis of participative processes, interim use as well as co-production and their impact on the acceptance of new urban districts. One of her concrete research topics is the B-Part Am Gleisdreieck.

B-Part Am Gleisdreieck regularly hosts public events and panels on the various focus areas and work results of the Lab Fellows, which are listed in the B-Part calendar of events.

Current information about B-Part Am Gleisdreieck and the Urban Ideation Lab can be found in the B-Part Newsletter. There the next application phase of the Urban Ideation Lab will be announced first. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the B-Part website.

After the end of the temporary use of the B-Part Am Gleisdreieck in four to five years, the Urban Ideation Lab can continue to exist as a future network for the ideal urban quarter.